At Spearwood Wool we utilise modern day selling practices to ensure that the grower receives the best possible prices for their woolclip. We offer daily Video selling to local and overseas buyers allowing for wool to be sold on any day of the week that a grower may require. Some of our services and selling options are listed below

> Contract Selling

Forward: Options available: Fleece/Pieces/Bellies, Fleece only, Minimum preparation to name a few, all on plus/minus conditions, Private Price as above only at times of shearing

> Oddment Selling

On farm pick-up (no costly freight costs). Nett pricing on farm (no costly bulkclassing handling charges). Nett pricing in store (once tested). Free shed clean-up when required (No pressing/labour/loading charges). On the spot payment available.

> Online Selling

Online computer selling 24hours a days 7 days a week. After testing set your reserves, wool available to the trade Australia wide via our private tender catalogue or if specified via Auctions Plus & WoolQ

> Flexi-Sell

Grower controls time and price at which wool is sold. (Mon-Fri selling). Test results within 48 hours of final load received. We pay freight/testing etc prior to growers price.

> Mill Direct

Sell farm direct parcels to many of the world largest mills through out China and Europe .

> Advance Payment Plan

Simply contact our staff when you have wool on hand to sell and we will get a price and advance payment to you within 24 hours of price acceptance. It doesn’t matter if it’s only one bale or a thousand!

> Auction Selling

Option of selling at auction in Fremantle or Melbourne maintaining full control, however all related auction charges will be incurred. This method of sale is an open market situation and is prone to large price fluctuations. If in store prices are not acceptable, growers have the option of selling at auction, though growers will incur all auction related costs such as storage/freight etc.